Mac ProctorAn explorer by nature, currently specializing in photography and traveling the country.  Previously worked as a disc jockey in several markets, a commercial fisherman in Alaska; while in Alaska served as a caretaker for an 8 acre island off the coast of Sitka, pursued acting in Los Angeles for several years, between work Mac lives on his sailboat with his expertly trained dog Beau in the Seattle area, Mac is building a forty plus foot trimaran with plans to sail around the globe.  In preparation for his trip he's learning many different languages including Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, and Chinese to name a few.  Mac is friendly and gregarious, as well as talented with a natural ability for humor.  Mac has a mind for mechanics and technology and enjoys being creative and inventive.
Mac has the ability to relate with people from all walks of life and adapt to his surroundings no matter what the situation.  Mac has a natural curiosity for living a full adventurous life with many chapters left to be written.
Naturally inquisitive mind leads him to look forward to continued adventures.

Able to find success in many different aspects in both follower and leadership positions, brings important skills and ideas to every project.

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Address: P.O. Box 11632 Olympia, WA USA.

Tel: +(818) 934-3377

Email: mac@macproctor.com

Website: http://www.macproctor.com