Coast to Coast

I'm currently on a coast to coast bicycle trip beginning in Olympia, WA.  
So far I've made it as far as Missoula, MT and I'm feeling GREAT!  Like I said, I began my trip in Olympia, WA on August 6th, 2013.  I traveled southeast through Yelm and Eatonville and through Rainier National Park.  Once I made it over Rainier I knew I would go the distance but had a much better understanding of how long this type of trip might take and that it would be important for me to take my time and enjoy myself along the way.  After racing down through Stevens Canyon Rd., I had quite a battle uphill on the first stretch of Highway 12 accending to White Pass.  I stopped there at the general store to grab a bite to eat and some provisions for the trip down to Yakima, WA.  From Yakima to Othello I had about 10 flat tires causing me to go through numerous tubes and two patch kits; I highly recommend Kevlar tires through this area and be sure to have a reliable air pump and several patch kits.  Once I made it to Spokane I stopped for a breather and had some much needed dinner at Red Lobster courtesy of my friend Ginny who had the forethought to pass along a $50 gift card for America's favorite national seafood chain.
After Spokane came Coeur d'Alene, ID and I was back in some lush green territory with lots of rivers and lakes winding along Highway 90 east.  The Centennial Trail was a pleasure and a nice change of pace from the bustling, roaring Highway 90 and very easy to travel.  With a few stops in small towns along the way I eventually made it to St. Regis and then on to Missoula, MT.  Missoula is an interesting place where Starbucks and the rest of corporate America (Wal-Mart, Costco, Pet-Smart, etc.) is kept from consuming the local businesses in the downtown area by remaining on the outskirts of town.
More to come soon...
August 6th, 2013, I embarked on a trip that would forever change me and show me what I was made of.

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