Beau Jumping at Bleinheim EquisportsBeau was born on Sunday June 1st, 2008 just outside the city limits of Troy, AL.  I haven't had his DNA tested to find out exactly what he is but I'm guessing he's comprised of Doberman, Weimaraner, Lab (Chocolate or Black), with a dash of Greyhound, and you'd never know by looking at him, but his mother was a Poodle, I tall white poofy Poodle.

Beau grew up in Troy for about six months until moving to Key West, FL to live on a 30' Catalina sailboat.  In the Keys Beau learned to camp, fish, swim, sail, and all around have a great life on the water.

The following winter Beau sailed up the Gulf Coast of Florida stopping in several ports along the way and exploring different cities and islands before landing in Destin, FL; where he'd hang out surfing and swimming with the dolphins for a little more than a year.

Next, Beau followed his person Mac to South Carolina where he could once more spend some time in the country, where he was born.

After a few short months in SC, Beau and Mac hit the road traveling to Philadelphia, PA, Washington DC, Chicago, IL, passing through the southwestern states, ultimately ending up in Los Angeles, CA.

Beau was very excited upon arriving in LA.  It was a big city vibe with an ocean nearby.  He quickly adjusted to the busy Urban lifestyle and looked forward to walks in areas like Hollywood, Downtown, the Valley, Pasadena, and mostly the beach communities like Santa Monica and Venice.

Currently Beau lives on a 40' Piver designed trimaran in the Puget Sound near Olympia, WA.  But stay tuned because he has plans to relocate to a much warmer San Diego, CA.


Contact Mac  

Address: P.O. Box 11632 Olympia, WA USA.

Tel: +(818) 934-3377